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Message started by Dave on May 25th, 2005 at 2:50pm

Title: ~Useful Information & Say no to 0870! Hot Topics~
Post by Dave on May 25th, 2005 at 2:50pm
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Useful Information

Some useful information pages on SAYNOTO0870.COM:

Say no to 0870! Hot Topics
I've compiled the following to co-ordinate the some of the interesting threads on the forums.

If you have any suggestions about what to include as a 'hot topic', please let me know.  :)

Get Your Own 0870/1 Number
It is possible for you to get your own NGN which points to your own number. Some threads on this are:

Organisations Justifying their use of NGNs
Some threads started by people who work for companies and organisations who either use or provide 084/087 NGNs:

Finally, Time to Change was started by someone who used to u

Title: The Government and NGNs
Post by Dave on May 25th, 2005 at 7:46pm
The Government and NGNs

Freedom of Information Act Responses
If you wish to make a request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act for geographical numbers and other information, see the Freedom Of Information Responses & Requests section of the forum. A list of the posted responses can be found here.

This thread contains responses from DVLA, including responses for Freedom of Information (FOI) Act requests. Thanks also go to this member, who has posted contact details of DVLA management here.

See this post about Parliamentry questions for the amount DVLA has made out of callers since 2002.

This thread was started by someone who works for a contractor to the DVLA. Their number was in the Say no to 0870 database and they were receiving many calls. So it shows that there are many people out there using the geographical numbers listed here!

NHS Surgeries
Some GPs have changed to using 084 and 087 NGNs for their surgeries. NEG (Network Europe Group Plc) have been installing their Surgery Line service into around 300 surgeries nationwide. Surgery Line originally used 0870, but now, because of a ban by Department of Health, they are to use 0844. NEG's statement on this is here and is discussed here. Richard Chapman is CEO at NEG and was interviewed on BBC Radio Four's You and Yours programme, broadcast on 17 February 2005. The interview can be heard in Real Audio here. Discussion about the interview is in a thread called Stutter stutter! You'll understand why it's called that once you've listened to the interview!

Further chat about the ban is in GP 0870 numbers could be banned and, what must be the longest thread on the site, NHS premium & national rate phone lines ban.

Below are some more threads on 084/087 NGNs within the NHS:

Police & Emergency NGNs
The following are instances where 0870 numbers have been issued after emergencies and a murder. All these 0870s are allocated to Cable & Wireless, although it is possible that they have been ported to another provider.

Hertfordshire Police used a 0800 and geographical number after the Buncefield oil depot explosion in December 2005. Discussion on this is here.

The police use O2 Airwave Service as their mobile provider and they have apparently had calls to 084/087 numbers barred so as to not run up a huge bill. Discussion on this is here. Yet many police forces provide 0845 numbers for non-emergency contact and a number of them are now reviewing the situation - see this thread.

Title: Responses & Discussion
Post by Dave on May 25th, 2005 at 7:56pm
Responses & Discussion
The following are link to threads on companies and organisations which use NGNs, some of which include responses from them:

Title: Responses & Discussion
Post by Dave on Jun 29th, 2005 at 8:37pm

Title: Responses & Discussion
Post by Dave on Nov 2nd, 2005 at 3:15pm

A couple of charities are on the above list, and more general discussion is in Charity numbers.
This thread was started by Lee Johnson of Westie ReHoming on his charity's use of 0870.

Title: Regulation
Post by Dave on Dec 23rd, 2006 at 5:22pm
Consultations by the Regulator
The telecommunications regulator, Ofcom, publishes consultations, some of which are relevant to everyone, including the general public. These are listed below, along with links to discussion threads on them.

Current, open, Ofcom consultations on telecommunications issues can be found here. Closed ones are here.

Current Consultations
Ofcom is running a consultation until 30 May 2010 in which it is asking for opinions on non-geographic numbers. We have a  discussion thread in which a link to the consultation can be found.

Closed Consultations

Title: Regulation
Post by Dave on Feb 13th, 2007 at 2:03pm
Ofcom Regulation
Further discussion on regulation by Ofcom:

Promotion of Services including Pricing
Discussion on advertising and promotion of these services:

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