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Message started by allegro on Aug 25th, 2018 at 7:01am

Title: Beginning of the end of 070 ripoff numbers
Post by allegro on Aug 25th, 2018 at 7:01am

These days 070 don't have any legit uses. Not sure they ever had many genuine worthwhile uses. A welcome first step by Ofcom but a bit half baked. What's really wanted is to abolish them in their current form and eventually add then to the available pool of mobile numbers.

Title: Re: Beginning of the end of 070 ripoff numbers
Post by SilentCallsVictim on Aug 25th, 2018 at 8:20am
The important issue regarding any future for 070 numbers is to see if there is genuine demand for "follow me" numbers when the cost of that service is entirely met by the user, rather than callers.

Time will tell, but many of us suspect that there will be none, as a genuine mobile number meets that need in the overwhelming majority of cases. It is therefore likely that the range will eventually join the pool of available mobile numbers, as its specified use is found not to exist.

The essential point is that the opportunity for fraud and non-transparent service charging is removed by setting the termination rates to equate to those for standard mobiles.

As with 084 and 087 numbers, Ofcom is bound by legislation to move gently in these areas. We can see a desire to eliminate them (in their current form), but this cannot be done at a stroke.

Title: Re: Beginning of the end of 070 ripoff numbers
Post by Ian01 on Aug 25th, 2018 at 3:35pm
I am not sure what is "half baked" about the proposals. Dropping the pnTR to under 0.5p per minute enables these calls to be charged the same as calling a mobile number and included in allowances in the same way. This is a win for consumers. It also eliminates any way for the called party to financially benefit from incoming calls and therefore completely eliminates missed call scams. This is another win for consumers.

Transferring the cost of forwarding these calls such that the called party pays for that will show how much real demand there is for such a service. If it is eventually shown there is no demand, then, and only then, would Ofcom proceed to remove the nunber range. In the meantime, under the new scheme, the called party will have to supply billing information. This means it will no longer be possible to be completely anonymous when obtaining one of these numbers. This should cut down on identity fraud scams. Yet another win for consumers.

There are other effects that stem from the proposals. Hospedia and others will have to find a new business model or else move to a different number range. If they move to a fully premium rate number range they will have to be totally transparent about the call charges and will come under the full regulation of PSA.

So far, all I can see is good news for consumers. What again is "half baked" about any of this? My only disappointment is that Ofcom is allowing twelve months for the changeover rather than some shorter timescale.

Elsewhere there are people advocating that all personal numbers be moved to a new number range and that the premium rate call charges should be retained. This would solve no issues other than being able to blame the caller for not realising the calls are premium rate.

Ofcom is going thorough a process of simplifying non-geograohic numbers. Creating yet another number range would go against that. There is no place for premium rate charges on a personal numbering range. Once Ofcom set out to eliminate that aspect, everything else fell into place after that.

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