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FOI Response - Norfolk Police (Read 4,351 times)
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FOI Response - Norfolk Police
Jul 14th, 2005 at 10:16pm
One of the better FOI requests I think ive had. Interesting clause added at the bottom tho, anything to do with this site?

Question 1 is not applicable as the Norfolk Constabulary does not use 0870 numbers.

2. We utilise 0845 numbers within the PPI department for our main contact phone number, fax and Minicom

2.1. Main Geographical numbers that the 0845 has replaced are

01953 424242
01603 768769
01362 693534
01553 691211
01692 402222
01493 336200

If a member of the public dials one of the old numbers they will still be connected to Norfolk Constabulary Headquarters where their call will be directed to the appropriate department. These old numbers will not be switched off for some considerable time although we would encourage callers to use the new number with immediate effect.

2.2. Norfolk Constabulary has negotiated a Best Value contract with OPAL which means that the supplier will credit the force with 0.25p per minute during peak hours. Other suppliers actually wanted to charge the Constabulary to receive calls. The force expects to receive 40,000 calls on average per month with each call lasting an average of three minutes which would equate to the Constabulary receiving 300 back from OPAL per month. This money will be reinvested in call handling improving the service provided to the general public.

2.3 Unable to answer this question

2.4; 2.5; and 2.6 -   Please can you specify exactly what you want answered?

2.7 Yes

2.8  Basic Costs:

Daytime Mon to Fri 8am-6pm
3p per minute

Evening and night-time before 8am after 6pm
1p per minute

Weekend All Day Sat and Sun
1p per minute

The documents supplied in response to your request are for your personal use. They are copyright Norfolk Police and may not be copied, distributed, published, or exploited for commercial purposes or financial gain without the explicit written consent of Norfolk Police.
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