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Reply from Car Care Plan (Read 5,685 times)
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Reply from Car Care Plan
Aug 5th, 2005 at 5:53pm
Car Care Plan provides extended warranties for vehicles amongst other things. They provide this on behalf of 17 manufacturers.

I received an application form for my Vauxhall, which quoted an 0870 number for customer services and complaints. On the covering letter there is a freephone number (in bold print) for help on filling in the application form!

Of course, I was disgusted to find this out, so I wrote to them.

Dear Sir/Madam

I have received an application form for Vauxhall Sureguard Assistance. Having read the paperwork, I see that an 0870 telephone number is provided for claims and complaints. This is no more than a premium rate number, which very often pays the recipient revenue.

I am completely disgusted that Car Care Plan expects me to (effectively) pay it for these calls after paying an annual premium. To add insult to injury, to have to complain on one of these rip-off numbers smacks of cynicism!

They cost 7.51 pence per minute in the daytime on BT Together, the package which the majority of subscribers are on. Other providers often charge more than BT, but rarely less. Inclusive call packages that include all geographical calls for a set monthly fee never include calls to 0870 numbers, and charge the aforementioned rates. Also, they often attract high call charges from mobile phones, especially pay as you go ones.

A 15 minute call in the daytime to an 0870 number costs £1.13. The same call to a geographical number on BT Together Option 1 costs 45p. Other providers such as Call18866 (www.call18866.co.uk) can provide connection to a geographical number for 2p, regardless of the length of the call. However, they cannot even match BT's 7.51p per minute for 0870, let alone better it.

Why is it that Car Care Plan can provide a freephone number for applications, but when a customer requires service, they have to pay through the nose? Does Car Care Plan receive any revenue from its 0870 provider, and if so, how much would this be? I'm not suggesting that a freephone number be issued for customer services, although that would be nice. Also, can you supply me with a geographical number to contact customer services on?

Yours faithfully

And here is the response I received today:
Dear Mr

Reference Sureguard Assistance-Invitation.

We write to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 28.07.2005 and have noted your comments.

If you wish to apply for the above product you can if you wish use the 0800.1694249 free phone number quoted in the brochure and speak to one of our customer service team who will take your details.

We would advise that after the application has been received, documents are posted out the customer which quotes”in the event of a breakdown ring 0800.553388 for assistance” also the attached Mot insurance will be handled by the Vauxhall agents on your behalf if your car was to fail it’s Mot Test when the car is 3 years old, again at no telephone costs to the customer.

Hoping this clarifies our position in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mr Brian Smith (Amimi)

Customer Services

This response obviously evades the points I put. I will write back and have another go.
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