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URGENT - Need advice on FoI Request to JCP (Read 4,503 times)
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URGENT - Need advice on FoI Request to JCP
Dec 14th, 2006 at 10:53pm
Sorry for opening a new thread but I am going away soon and urgently need to send a response to this FoI Request.

I recieved a reply to my foi request (See JCP Thread), but the numbers are inaccurate, the person who wrote the letter has advised me there is no geographical number and the 0845 is a virtual number that routes the calls through to the agents phone and not a call queue (Strange)... I need to got this FoI request off tonight or tomorrow morning.

I have had a go at them for listing the 0845 as local rate, and they stand by there is nothing wrong and they said they are looking into it...

can someone help me with "legal quotes" etc.

Does this sound like it is true about the "Virtual Numbers" or not, and does it sound like i am flogging a dead horse???


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Re: URGENT - Need advice on FoI Request to JCP
Reply #1 - Dec 14th, 2006 at 11:22pm
I got a similar reply and asked for an internal review and the head of their Telephone systems stated that a geographical number didn't exist.

I can't be certain this is true or not as it's possible that some systems using VoIP which wouldn't have geographical numbers but it's my understanding that BT's system doesn't yet support VoIP fully.

I decided that without proof that a geographical existed and the fact that referring it to the ICO would mean a wait of nearly 12months due to a backlog.

My reply from the head of the their telephone systems can be found here.

To be honest, I do believe that they will use the new 03x numbers once they are fully available but this isn't until early 2007 (I think).  Therefore, I don't think it's worth doing anything further because you'll get the same response as me and that means referring it to the ICO which will add another year (nearly) on top of it and by this time (ie in a few months time), they'll most likely be using 03x numbers anyhow.
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