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DX (courier firm) (Read 1,448 times)
Dave Rado
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DX (courier firm)
Feb 1st, 2019 at 3:58pm
The courier firm DX calls itself DX Express if used for mail and small parcels, and DX Freight if used for large items (see here).

You have three entries for this firm:

1) One with the company name at the top "DX Group -- DX Mail|DX Exchange|DX Courier",

2) One with no company name listed at all, but which comes up if one searches for the DX Freight's 08 number, which is 0844 826 1178.

3) One that comes up if one searches for DX.

None of the verified numbers in the first or third of the above records got me through to DX Freight, which is who I was trying to contact. But I can confirm that one of the unverified numbers in the second record (the one with no company name) got me straight through to DX Freight. The correct number for DX Freight is 01902 389109, and this the the correct alternative number for 0844 826 1178.

So the three records need to be merged into one; DX Freight needs to be added to the company name string that appears at the top, so that the record will be found if you search for DX Freight; and in the verified numbers database, you need to add:

Company name: DX Freight
084x: 0844 826 1178
01 / 02 / 03: 01902 389109
Other Information: DX Freight customer service - for tracking also.

Currently the first record does come up if one searches for "DX Courier", and I think this needs to continue to be the case, even though that's technically not their name, because it's what people will tend to search for. But it should also come up if one searches for "DX Freight" or "DX Express".

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Re: DX (courier firm)
Reply #1 - Feb 5th, 2019 at 2:18pm
Good Afternoon Dave Rado

Thank you for the feedback and the information provided.

I have placed the 0844 826 1178 / 01902 389109 numbers as Confirmed for DX Freight.

As you can see there are multiple listings for DX/DX Group etc which will take time to go through.

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