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FOI Response - Herts Constabulary (Read 44,778 times)
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Re: FOI Response - Herts Constabulary
Reply #30 - Mar 21st, 2006 at 10:43pm
I need to review this.

I would advise to withdraw the complaint as then it cant be used as 'case law' by other abnoxious police forces. In fact I only know of two at the moment, herts and dyfed poywes.

I suggest that we start sending in random requests to herts. I have a totally new FOI about recruitment going thru herts atm and am waiting for them to refuse it cos im a 'previous customer', however this time its on behalf of a ward member sent in my postion as councillor. Wouldnt be very good for them to refuse it would it Smiley

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Re: FOI Response - Herts Constabulary
Reply #31 - Nov 3rd, 2007 at 2:53pm
Not sure where this has sprung from (well done if it's someone on here), but here on the Front page of the Herts Advertiser this week. Looks like a journalist is having a bit of a go at the arrogant buggers

Counting cost of police calls

CALLERS to the police who ring the non-emergency 0845 telephone number could find themselves out of pocket.

Herts Police recommends callers to use their non-emergency number 0845 3300 222 if they are not dialling 999 in an emergency.

But even though the police website claims that 0845 numbers from a landline are charged at a local rate wherever people call from, Central Office of Information guidelines maintain that is not always the case.

In its document Better Practice Guidance for Government Contact Centres it says that 0844 and 0845 numbers can be charged at up to 5p a minute from BT lines and should never be referred to as "local rate" in any publicity.

Dave Lindsay, a spokesman for the "Say No to 0870" campaign website, points out that only a tiny minority of BT's customers are on a "non-discounted" package entitling them to pay around the same for a an 0845 number as they would pay for a local geographical call.

A Herts Police spokesperson said they were looking into whether they had the most cost-effective system with the existing 0845 number or should look at switching to an 03 number.

And Chief Supt Steve Ottaway, head of operation support, said they were committed to providing a single number which would be easy for people to remember and which they could use without being financially penalised.
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What's the point of 0845? Local rate my ar$e. Usually MORE than Inverness to Penzance on normal nos. Occasionally the same, never less!&&&&OFCOM - A Truly Great Regulator, if you're out to gouge consumers
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