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Freedom of Information - Motion in Parliament? (Read 3,608 times)

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Freedom of Information - Motion in Parliament?
Jul 20th, 2006 at 11:19am
Looking at this Freedom of Information section, (forgive me if my understanding is poor) I began thinking that there needs to be a motion passed in parliament that amends the current law, which allows callers of 0845, 0870 0871 etc. numbers used by businesses, to be given the geographical number ON REQUEST on ringing that number (i.e. by the company concerned, rather than having to go through the "Freedom Of Information request procedure).  By law.

That way, the companies "concerns for the users who are racking up long distance call charges compared to our local callers" and other ludicrous claims (I think I read that one was from Driving Licensing) can be put to rest.  It should be the RIGHT of the user of that number, to request, be given and use the geographical number when needed.

Companies and corporations who claim that it would be "confusing" for the customer to have lots of different numbers (whatever) that may at any time change, or that it makes marketing a single number difficult, will be able to continue using their 0870 numbers for publication, and any callers who decide/realise calls are still cheaper by dialling the geographical numbers, can use their right to know the geographical number, and EVERYBODY'S happy.

Can we think about concentrate our efforts on getting support for this in Parliament? (sorry if this has been mentioned before, if so please direct me to the relevant conversation)

If it's really a Freedom Of Information issue, it must be costing the department that deals with Freedom Of Information an absolute fortune to deal with so many "small" requests like this, which we pay for each time in our hard earned taxes.  If the Government is to be saving our money rather than spending it, this must surely be something that is long overdue. Having it as our right would remove the need for a lot of companies to change all their numbers in the first place. 

Especially when the geographical numbers will be advertised on the web anyway!  Wink
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